Features Summary

Form Security Options

Login/Registration Required Forms

Global Patron allows you to have easy access to enterprise-grade login/authentication functionality for your forms. Easily enable login/registration prior to form submission to allow form submissions only from people who have logged in with their Google, Microsoft, or Local account.

Login/Registration Required Forms (Specific users)

Allow form submissions only from specific people who have logged in with their Google, Microsoft, or Local account. This is useful when you want to ensure that only specific people which you have nominated beforehand have view/submit access to your form

Password-Protected Forms

Allow form submissions only from people who have a password which you have supplied them with. If you wish to include a password field and also require people to be logged in to be able to verify their identities, that is also allowable.

Spam Prevention

If you require certainty of blocking automated spam form submissions you can enable advanced spam protection (enabled by default). This option includes a Google "I'm not a Robot" tickbox on your form. In most cases a CAPTCHA is never displayed to users and only the single tickbox is displayed, but if a users behaviour seems suspiciously similar to a SPAM BOT, then an additional question is automatically included at the end of your form which only a human can reliably answer, and makes it extremely difficult for automated spam bots to submit your form with automated junk submissions.

User Management

Easily grant varying levels of access to other members of your team so that they too can work with your forms as Super Users with elevated access rights.

In-Built Security

This platform was built from the ground up with security in mind. Enterprise grade security is employed throughout, and in accordance with industry best practices the Global Patron system implements multiple layers of security at the application level (defence in depth), as well as at the system architecture and infrastructure level. OWASP verified by 3rd Party Australian Web Penetration Testing Team, and PCI Compliant.

All Communications Encrypted

Every single network communication within the Global Patron system is encrypted with Transport Layer Security (HTTPS). This is enforced within the system as part of security best practice and cannot be disabled.

All Data Encrypted

All stored data is enrypted at rest under the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard, with a regularly rotated set of master keys in compliance with PCI-DSS. This is enforced within the system as part of security best practice and cannot be disabled.

Everything Private

Your data is strictly guarded and private, and will never be distributed to a third party unless we are required to do so by law.

Enterprise Security Practices

We employ enterprise grade security best pactices, such as detailed code security audits, and network level protections (e.g. DDOS preventions)

Conditional Fields

Conditionally show or hide fields, or conditionally make fields optional or mandatory, all in real-time based on customers answers to previous questions. The logic builder allows for very complex conditional rules to be defined, without writing a single line of code.

Quantity Limits

Set quantity limits on the number of times your forms can be submitted, or the number of times logged in users can submit the same form, or the number of times a specific value for a specific field can be selected.

Online Form Builder

All Global Patron customers have access to the online form builder. This allows you to build and modify your forms without any coding knowledge. The form builder is designed to be fully usable on mobile devices (not just desktop), which is great for those times when you're on a mobile device and need to create or modify one of your forms). Simply add as many form steps as you wish, and add as many fields per step as you wish. Your generated form will also automatically be mobile responsive and work on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Online Form Styler

All Global Patron customer have access to the online form styler. This allows you to either apply a pre-made theme to your form, or to define your own custom styles without requiring any knowledge of CSS coding.

Secure Form Hosting

All forms you create are immediately ready to use at a secure URL which can be shared with others. These forms are hosted on enterprise grade Microsoft Infrastructure, and managed by Global Patron.

Alternatively if you have an existing website of your own, you can also choose to embed the form into your own website using a simple embed snippet of JavaScript.

Secure File Uploads

All Global Patron forms can have file upload fields added, allowing your form visitors to upload attachments with their form submission. There is no limit to how many file upload fields can be added to a form, however there is a size restriction to how big each file attachment can be (25MB per attachment).

Form Submission Destinations

Encrypted Database

Send form submissions to an enterprise-grade, 256 Bit encrypted cloud database hosted by Microsoft and managed by Global Patron. This is form submission storage with technical capacity to store many billions of form submissions.

E-mail Address

Send form submissions to an e-mail address. Suitable for non-mission critical forms where the volumes of submissions expected is appropriate for storage in your e-mail inbox.

External System

Send form submissions to a custom endpoint such as your I.T departments web services, or to some other 3rd party URL.

Custom Thank You Page Behaviour

You can specify the behaviour that should occur when a form has been submitted. On successful submission, you can choose to either display a custom thank you message, or alternatively redirect the user to a custom URL.

Confirmation Emails

You can configure your form to send an auto-reply/confirmation email to the person who filled out the form.

Multiple Device Support

All forms automatically work on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.