API - Getting Started

The GlobalPatron API allows you to programmatically interact with GlobalPatron functionality and data, such as cloning or updating forms, creating new form submissions, retrieving form submissions, etc.

To use this API, you need an API Token. If you don't already have an API Token, please go to the API Tokens screen to create your own personal API token.

Once you have created your API Token, you include its TokenId and TokenSecret as headers for all API calls you make, for example:

--request POST 'https://api.globalpatron.com/api/restricted/form/{formId}/clone'
--header 'TokenSecret: YOUR_TOKEN_SECRET_GOES_HERE'
--header 'TokenId: YOUR_TOKEN_ID_GOES_HERE'

Base URL

The base URL for all API calls is https://api.globalpatron.com

Account Requirements

All you need is a GlobalPatron account to use our APIs — there's no special developer account.

Request & Response Format

HTTP protocols POST, GET, and DELETE are used for requests. Where a payload is required, that payload is expected to be in JSON data format. All API's also return responses in JSON data format.