Build and manage your own enterprise-grade forms, at a fraction of the cost

The Worlds Most Universal Forms Platform

Freedom to create the widest range of form types currently available in the market - all from one single platform, and with no coding knowledge required. No matter what your use-case is, you're covered.

Conversational Forms
Conversational Forms

Forms where one question is shown at a time, in the flow of a conversation. These forms generally have a high completion rate as users are more engaged with the form.

Classic Multi-Step Forms
Advanced Multi-Step Forms

Beautiful multi-step forms, perfectly suited for scenarios where you need to collect a lot of content from users.

Classic Single-Page Forms
Single-Step Forms

The classic single step form type, where all questions are visible on a single page. This is the most commonly used and recognized form type.

Offline Forms
Offline Forms

Forms that function on a mobile device or tablet - without an internet connection. Effortlessly collect data when you're on the go. (Coming Soon)

Enterprise-Grade Security

Bank on us. We've got you covered.

Secure Online Forms

Login Protected Forms

The ultimate in form security. Enterprise-grade login/logout/registration functionality for your forms is available out of the box. With unlimited user-logins/authentications included.

Form Collaborators

Allow others to have super-user/admin rights to your forms, and data. Available on Silver plan and higher.

User Identification

When login-protection is enabled on your form, you can be 100% certain of the e-mail identity of the person who submitted the form.

Password Protected Forms

Protect your forms with a shared password.

SPAM Protection

Effectively protect your forms from automated spam bot submissions.

In-Built Platform Security

This platform was built from the ground up with security in mind. Enterprise grade security is employed throughout, and in accordance with industry best practices the GlobalPatron system implements multiple layers of security at the application level (defence in depth), as well as at the system architecture and infrastructure level. Following OWASP and PCI standards.

Secure Forms