Build and manage your own enterprise grade forms, at a fraction of the cost
Create a Form Features
Online Application Forms

Build Online Forms

Create a wide range of beautiful online web forms, containing as many steps or questions as you wish. No coding knowledge necessary.

Conversational Forms

Build Conversational Forms

All GlobalPatron customers have access to build not only classic, and multi-step forms, but also conversational forms with "in-context" labels. Watch your form completion rate skyrocket!

Specify Form Destinations

With the tick of a checkbox, you can specify the destination(s) that your form submissions will end up being delivered to:

Encrypted Database

Send form submissions to an enterprise-grade, 256 Bit encrypted cloud database hosted by Microsoft and managed by Global Patron. This is form submission storage with technical capacity to store many billions of form submissions.

E-mail Address

Send form submissions to an e-mail address. Suitable for non-mission critical forms where the volumes of submissions expected is appropriate for storage in your e-mail inbox.

External System

Send form submissions to a custom endpoint such as your I.T departments web services, or to some other 3rd party URL.

Style Your Own Forms

You have access to apply an enormous range of styling options to your forms, without requiring any knowledge of CSS coding.

User Management

Easily grant varying levels of access to other members of your team so that they too can work with your forms as Super Users with elevated access rights.

Peace of Mind

We take care of all the hard work that in-house software development teams need to implement and maintain whenever coding enterprise grade forms systems, areas such as:

Systems Security

In accordance with industry best practice, we employ multiple levels of security, from the application level, to the system design, and infrastructure level.

Systems Performance and Scalability

We monitor systems performance, review efficiency, and proactively design for appropriate read/write scale.

Systems Uptime

All of our premium plans (Silver and up) have service level agreements for systems uptime. Any month where this level of uptime is not met or exceeded will result in a 20% credit being added to the customers subscription length for that month.

Input validation

Our systems will security filter user supplied text input submitted on your forms. This is important for data cleanliness and security.

Spam prevention

All of our forms have the option of including complete spam prevention via Google's Captcha functionality being automatically included in your forms.

Browser and handheld device compatibility

Our systems render forms which are designed to be mobile responsive, and compatible with popular browsers and devices, to maximise the number of people who can access your form without any issues.