10 Free Online Survey Forms for Customer, Employee, Product Feedback & Data Collection

By Jose | September 26, 2020

Forms and survey apps are one of the most popular and easy to use tools for collecting invaluable data and feedback.

Here I'm going to showcase a few free online survey forms that I think you should give a try. You can check any of these free online survey makers and test out their features, design, templates, and pricing to decide which one matches your needs.

  1. GlobalPatron
  2. Google Forms
  3. Microsoft Forms
  4. SurveyMonkey
  5. Typeform
  6. Jotform
  7. SurveyPlanet
  8. GetFeedback
  9. Feedier
  10. Surveykiwi


1. GlobalPatron

GlobalPatron is a simple, yet exceptionally powerful and versatile free online survey forms builder that lets you create the widest range of survey form types currently available in the market, combined with enterprise-grade security. Your team members can also collaborate during the survey creation process.

You can create exciting conversational forms, multi-step or single-step forms, payment forms, surveys, as well as lead generation forms and pop quiz forms – all from one platform. All the features, themes, and customizations are made with a design philosophy to maximize your productivity.

The survey forms of GlobalPatron are created with the use-cases of businesses in mind. Thus GlobalPatron supplies enterprise-level security protection features, and an array of user configurable security settings, including login-protected forms, password protection and SPAM protected forms, and more while also providing an intuitive, delightful, and exciting survey-taking experience for the respondents.

One unique feature that makes GlobalPatron stand apart from other free online survey forms creators is that their platform was built from the ground up with security in mind, and they provide enterprise-grade functionality at the lowest prices possible. This is a boon for startups, solopreneurs, SMBs, and enterprises who are looking at top quality features but are limited by their budget.

Key Features:

Enables you to create survey forms of any type with enterprise-grade security features. Data Collection platform.


  • Enterprise-grade security.
  • Allows you to create the widest range of form types currently available in the market. 
  • Super affordable paid plans starting as low as €5.56 per month making it almost free to use. The annual plan has a further 20% discount.


  • Limited number of pre-made templates. 

GlobalPatron Pricing: Both free and paid options with higher quotas up to 25,000+ submissions per month. The free plan enables you to create unlimited surveys with 50 monthly submissions and also provide online payment collection service (up to 1 million USD per payment) securely.  

Paid plans

Starting as low as €5.56 per month making it almost free of cost.


2. Google Forms

Google Forms

Google Forms is a simple and free online survey maker or form creator that you can use to create quiz, surveys, polls, event registrations, RSVPs, or collect email signups easily. 

Anyone with a Google account can get started with Google Forms for free. The free version enables you to create unlimited surveys, and your team members can also collaborate during the survey creation process.  

With this free online survey forms creator, you can include short and long-form questions, upload several images, videos, and let people choose answers from different question types like multiple choice, checkboxes, drop-downs, and multiple-choice grid questions and much more quickly.

Google forms responses

The responses from your Google Forms can be viewed in the “Responses” section, where you can analyze, remove duplicate responses, visualize the response insight on a pie-chart, export the response data to a Google Spreadsheet, and much more.  

The free version of Google Forms comes with limited features, while the paid features of the Google Forms comes with integration with added security features, so you can create surveys, polls, upload large images and files and collaborate with other team members securely. 

Key Features:

Simple and easy to use interface with basic functionalities to get started quickly


Free version enables to create unlimited survey forms 


  • Limited Design and customization options. 
  • Does not have payment support 

Google Forms Pricing: Free with limited security customization features. Paid plans from $6 per user per month.


3. Microsoft Forms

Microsoft forms

Microsoft Forms is similar to Google Forms, but you have more room for designs and themes. It lets you create simple surveys, polls and quizzes, and record responses. From the survey creator section itself, you can view how the survey you created will come out using the “Preview” feature for different screen sizes. 

Microsoft Forms - customer feedback survey

Anyone with a Microsoft account can create Microsoft Forms for free, but the free account comes with limited features. Microsoft Forms comes with built-in analytics to evaluate the responses. You can also delete duplicate responses, export the responses you received to a Microsoft Excel sheet and download it for further analysis or grading. 

Key Features:

Easy to create forms with basic features, themes and templates for quick surveys.   


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Integration to Microsoft Excel and Office 365


  • Limited design
  • Comes with very few templates
  • Does not accept payment

Microsoft Forms Pricing: The free version allows you to create only 200 forms, and the responses of a form is limited to 200 submissions. You can learn more about the pricing details of the Pro version from here


4. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey -Free online survey forms

If you are someone who needs a large amount of pre-baked questions for your surveys or forms, then you can check out SurveyMonkey. It is an easy to use free online survey forms creator  with a lot of customization options and functions. 

Survey monkey comes with a simple feature where you can input your survey goals, and the software will automatically create a survey based on your goals. You can also manually select a template of your choice or create a unique one from scratch. After creating your survey you can share the link to your survey respondents or embed it directly on your website.

SurveyMonkey customer satisfaction survey template

Key Features:

Enables you to create survey forms with attractive designs and templates


Easy to create surveys quickly and share it with your team.  


The basic plan allows you to collect unlimited responses, but there is a catch, the view is limited to either 40 or 100 responses per survey, depending on when you created your account and your billing location. But if you upgrade to a paid plan, you can see the rest of the responses you got from the survey.

SurveyMonkey Pricing: The basic plan for SurveyMonkey is free. But if you want to create for more people, then you can check out their paid plans from here


5. Jotform


Jotform comes with a plethora of preloaded themes and templates. The predesigned templates help you to get started with your surveys real quick. The Interface of this free online survey forms creator is easy to use with a lot of customization options, which enables you to create surveys or forms that match the persona of your brand or business. 

It also comes with a variety of offline forms like PDF forms, so you can easily print it and use it as you like. You can also get basic reports of your survey with Jotform with pie-charts and statistics. 

Jotform - Customer Service Survey

Moreover, this online survey form application enables collaboration, so you can invite your team and collaborate to create surveys or forms at any time. 

Key Features:

Jotform enables personalizations and customizations, so you can customize your surveys or polls the way you want to match your business persona. 


Lots of themes and templates


The free plan of Jotform comes with certain limitations. 

Jotform Pricing: The basic plan is free with the Jotform branding logo. With the free plan you  can have 5 forms but can only accept 10 payments per month. You need to have their paid version to unlock all features.




Typeform is a unique conversation form builder, which asks questions to respondents in the form of real conversations. This type of conversational survey approach can sometimes be exciting for the respondents.

Typeform Insights

Since Typeform follows a conversation style, it can be really useful for lead generation, customer feedback, and employee feedback. 

Key Features:

Follows a conversational survey style 


Slick user interface for forms creation 


Conversational forms is the only form type supported, and the free version provides only basic functionalities

TypeForm Pricing: With a free account you can only create 3 typeforms with up to 10 questions, and the response per account is limited to 100 responses. You can check their pricing details from here.




Surveyplanet is a free online survey maker that covers all the basics of a survey app. All the surveys created work well on all screen sizes. The SurveyPlanet interface is clean and simple. 

SurveyPlanet Questions

You can start creating your surveys, polls, or feedback reviews from scratch or select any template questions of your liking from the template list if you don’t feel like writing. This free online survey forms creator comes with a “Results” section where you can analyse the responses you received from your surveys and gain insights from them.  

Key Features:

Surveyplanet comes with all the necessary features of a basic survey app. 


You can create unlimited free surveys with unlimited responses with the basic free account. 


The Export survey results is not available in the free account, it is a paid feature

SurveyPlant Pricing: Basic version is free, but exporting survey results feature isn’t. You can check out their paid features from here. . 




SurveyMonkey is the parent company of Getfeedback. This free survey app comes with basic themes and templates to get you started quickly. 

GetFeedback - free survey app

This tool showcases basic analytics and comes with SalesForce integration, which enables you to create survey data to any custom fields in Salesforce easily and get back to your survey respondents faster. 

Key features:

Comes with bare essentials to get your surveys started quickly.


Provides basic surveys features with SalesForce integration


The free account is limited to 14 days

GetFeedback Pricing: Offers a trial period of 14 days, after that, you need to go for their paid version


9. Feedier


Feedier makes survey taking more interesting by making use of only ratings and Yes or No questions. 

Feedier - Engagement Board

The application is responsive and showcases a minimalistic design with useful features and templates. Feedier showcases reports with charts and graphs, so you can read survey result insights easily. 

Key Features:

Minimalistic software design that require less learning curve.


Follow a unique way of survey taking method with ratings and Yes/No Questions


Only allows to create a single form. 

Feedier Pricing: The free version provides the creation of one form, so you can test the application and decide to go for a paid version after. But Feedier has a unique referral program where they give every new signup one feedback form for free for both the referrer as well as the friend who joins.


10. Survey Kiwi 

Survey Kiwi is a free online survey forms creator with all the features you need to build your surveys real quick. This is a very lightweight survey creator and comes with a design that enables you to get things done faster. 

Survey Kiwi

Survey Kiwi comes with a basic report analysis tool, so you can easily analyse the responses you received and gain insights from them. 

Survey Kiwi- Free online survey forms

Key Features:

Robust design with all the basic features of a survey app. 


Easy to use free online survey forms creator with a minimalistic design style. Comes with good templates. 


The free plan only allows 10 responses per campaign. 

Survey Kiwi Pricing: Free version is limited to 10 responses per campaign. To unlock all the features, you need to get their paid plans. You can check their paid plan from here

Wrapping Up:

Finding the best free online survey forms creator or survey creator can be a daunting task, but you can try out all the above survey apps for free and make an informed decision. 

If you are on the lookout for a free survey application that has a bare minimum design and enough features to get things started, then you can go for Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, or any other application listed here for you. 

Finally, if you are someone who is looking for a more versatile survey platform that has more powerful features, and more security options, at the most competitive price in the market, then you absolutely must try out GlobalPatron. Get started for free