About Us

Our Vision

Although a software company, GlobalPatron is also a humble attempt at contributing to a new mindset towards business and wealth - one in which the individual is not merely a self-interested economic unit, striving to claim an ever-greater share of the world’s material resources.

Time and again, avarice and self-interest prevail at the expense of the common good. Unconscionable quantities of wealth are being amassed, and the instability this creates is made worse by how income and opportunity are spread so unevenly both between nations and within nations. But it need not be so. However much such conditions are the outcome of history, they do not have to define the future.

Towards this end, GlobalPatron will re-invest any excess profits towards service outcomes which benefit society, rather than needlessly accumulating wealth for its founders.

Let your vision be world-embracing, rather than confined to your own self.