Features Summary

Universal Form Builder

On our platform you will have access to a truly universal form builder, allowing creation of the widest range of form types currently available in the market.

Conversational Forms
Conversational Forms

Forms where one question is shown at a time, in the flow of a conversation. These forms generally have a high completion rate as users are more engaged with the form.

Classic Multi-Step Forms
Multi-Step Forms

Beautiful multi-step forms, perfectly suited for scenarios where you need to collect a lot of content from users.

Classic Single-Page Forms
Single-Page Forms

The classic single page form type, where all questions are visible on a single page. This is the most commonly used and recognized form type.

Security Features

Some of the security features you will have access to on this platform

Login protected forms
Login Protected Forms

The ultimate in form security. Enterprise-grade login/logout/registration functionality for your forms is available out of the box.

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Password protected forms
Password Protected Forms

Protect your forms with a shared password.

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Form Collaborators
Form Collaborators

Allow others to have super-user/admin rights to your forms, and data. Available on Silver plan and higher.

Identity verification
User Identification

When login-protection is enabled on your form, you can be 100% certain of the e-mail identity of the person who submitted the form.

Form SPAM Protection
SPAM Protection

Effectively protect your forms from automated spam bot submissions.

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In-Built Platform Security
In-Built Platform Security

This platform was built from the ground up with security in mind. Enterprise grade security is employed throughout, and in accordance with industry best practices the GlobalPatron system implements multiple layers of security at the application level (defence in depth), as well as at the system architecture and infrastructure level. Following OWASP and PCI standards.

Premium Features

All of our customers, on all plans, have access to these premium features out of the box

Save & Resume
Global Translate

Reaching customers anywhere in the world has never been easier. Effortlessly translate form submissions into your local language on demand.

Quantity Limits
Quantity Limits

Specify any quantity limits which should be enforced for your form, at the form, user, or field level

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Conditional Logic
Conditional Logic

Dynamically show or hide questions, or make questions required or optional, based on a users answers to previous questions.

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Save & Resume
Save & Resume

Enable "Save & Resume" functionality on your forms, allowing customers to save their incomplete forms, and securely come back to complete them at a later time.

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Secure Payment Forms

Securely receive credit-card payments from people anywhere in the world, with funds being automatically deposited directly into your local bank account, in your local currency - All while meeting PCI compliance standards.

Collect Credit Card Payments From Anywhere In The world
Accept payments from anywhere in the world

Securely receive credit-card payments from anywhere in the world, in almost any currency of origin.

Payment Destination Countries
Available for businesses in 37+ countries

Australia Austria Belgium Canada Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hong Kong India Ireland Italy Japan Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Singapore Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom United States *Brazil *Bulgaria *Romania

Credit Card Fraud Prevention
Machine learning fraud prevention

Fraud prevention included. Stripe Radar helps detect and block credit card fraud for any type of business by training with hundreds of billions of data points. Included with all payments processed through the GlobalPatron platform.

More Features

Some of the many other features you will have access to on this platform

Google Analytics Tracking

All forms can have "Google Analytics" tracking enabled. Forms which are not configured to be login restricted can also have "Google Tag Manager" enabled.

Custom Thanks Page

On successful submission, you can choose to either display a custom thank you message, or alternatively redirect the user to a custom URL.

Confirmation Emails

You can configure your form to send an auto-reply/confirmation email to the person who filled out the form.

Data Search

Your form submissions are automatically indexed for text search, so you can quickly find specific records by searching for them by word.

Data Export

Your form submissions are able to be easily exported to CSV/Excel format for local use.

File Uploads

Forms can have file upload fields added, allowing your form visitors to upload attachments with their form submission.

Answer Piping

Use answers from previous questions in labels to make your forms more personal. E.g. "Hi [FirstName], what is your email address?".

HTML Code Export

The client-side code of all forms you create on this platform can be exported to a zip file, for use by developer teams who wish to host the forms themselves on their own servers.

Data Destinations

Choose where your form submission data should be delivered to

Secure Cloud Database

256 Bit encrypted form submission storage with technical capacity to store millions of submissions per form (limited by your subscription plans quota).

Email Address

Send form submission data straight to an email address. Great for non-mission critical forms where the volumes of submissions expected is appropriate for storage in your e-mail inbox.

3rd Party URL

Send form submissions to a custom endpoint such as your I.T departments web services, or to some other 3rd party URL.

No Destination

Alternatively you can set your form to not send or store data, and simply use the platform as a means to generate a zip file of your forms HTML/JS code to pass to your development team for locally hosted forms.

Many More Features

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