Here's a glimpse at what's available with the world's most versatile online form builder

Universal Form Builder

Get your hands on the world's most flexible online form creator.


Single-step Forms when you just need a straightforward form.

Multi-step Forms when you want to efficiently collect a lot of information from users.

Conversational Forms when you prefer to engage with your customers in the flow of a conversation.

Offline Forms when you need to gather responses on the go, without an internet connection.

Landing Pages when you want your form to act as a full featured landing page.

Multi Step Form Preview Conversational Form Preview


Amaze your audience and stand out from the crowd. Craft beautiful forms that people will want to respond to.


Preset Themes you can choose from to wow your users.

Theme customizations edit theme-level styles to your own liking. No coding required.

Advanced style customizations for the ultimate in style flexibility, customize styles even down to the field level. No coding required.

Design Forms

Enterprise-Grade Security

This platform was built from the ground up with security in mind. Yes, you're at the right place.


In-built Platform Security ensures multiple layers of protection at the application, system architecture, policy, and infrastructure level, following OWASP, PCI, and GDPR standards.

Login Protected Forms with enterprise-grade "login", "logout", "registration", and "forgotten-password" functionalities in-built.

Password Protected Forms to easily restrict access to a specific audience.

Form Collaborators can work alongside you, with specific security roles assigned.

User Identification that lets you be 100% certain of the email identity of the person who submitted the form, when login-protection is enabled on your form.

SPAM Protection effectively protects your forms from automated spam bot submissions.

Forms Security User Identification
Forms Security

Mobile Offline Forms

Forms that work anywhere, with or without an internet connection. Let your team reliably gather responses even when travelling or outside.


Full functionality and style is available offline. These aren't cut-down versions of your online forms - they're the full thing, accessible offline!

All form types function on your offline mobile app, be they single-step, multi-step, or even conversational forms.

Kiosk Mode with password protection to prevent tampering of your device during trade shows, conferences, and events.

Auto-Sync your forms and submissions with the server whenever in an area with internet connectivity available.

Collect Data Offline

Receive Payments

Securely receive payments from people anywhere in the world, with funds deposited directly into your local bank account, in your local currency.


Receive payments from anywhere in the world.

Available for businesses in 37+ countries.

Fraud prevention powered by Machine Learning is included.

Receive Payments

Data Destinations

You have the flexibility to choose where to send your received form submissions, in any combination.


Online Cloud Database is our secure 256 Bit encrypted database storage with capacity to store millions of submissions per form.

Email Address when you want your form submissions to go straight to an email inbox.

Web-Service when you want your form submissions to get routed to a custom endpoint.

No destination when you just need the forms HTML/CSS/JS code.

Data Destinations Database Destination
Data Destination

Quantity Limits

Useful when you need to enforce strict quantity limits on your form submissions.


Limit total submissions per form

Limit total submissions per logged in user

Limit total submissions per field value

Quantity Limits

Conditional Logic

Dynamically alter your forms behaviour in real-time, based on a users answers to questions on the form.


Show fields based on conditions.

Hide fields based on conditions.

Make fields mandatory based on conditions.

Make fields optional based on conditions.

Logic rule nestings for advanced conditional logic.

Multiple actions can be grouped per condition.

Conditional Logic

Save and Resume

Allow customers to save their incomplete forms, and securely come back to complete them at a later time.


Secure save and resume of draft submissions which are still in-progress by the user.

Auto-save toggle for your end-users.

Save and Resume

Data & Reports

Search, visualise, and export your collected data.


Quick Search for fast lookups of recent form submissions.

Historical Reports for date range views of form submissions.

Visual Graphs for analysing summaries of your data in one glance.

Text Search for instant filtering of your data.

Data Export to CSV/Excel format, for offline saving, or further analysis.

Data Reports


Understand exactly how users are interacting with your forms.


Google Analytics for generalized analytics.

Google Tag Manager for advanced analytics requirements.

Google Analytics


Give your users a truly personalised experience, tailoring the form to what you know about them right up to that point in time.


Piping of answers to previous questions, for real-time personalisation of the form as they type.

Field pre-population based on URL parameters

Google Tag Manager for advanced personalisation scenarios.

Form Personalisation

Dynamic Data Fields

Load external data at runtime into your forms drop lists, be it from a company database, or a third party supplier.


Powerful dynamic lists populated with data supplied by third party web services.

Parent/child relationships automatically maintained between drop lists.

Dynamic Data Lists

Global Translate

Speak the same local language as your audience. Reaching customers anywhere in the world has never been easier.


Instant translation of form submission record fields into over 30 local languages.

Global translate

Calculated Fields

Create fields and labels on your forms which automatically change in value based on calculations you define.


Fields auto-updated using mathematical calculations that include values of other fields in the equation.

Calculated Fields


Multiple options to share your forms and immediately start gathering responses.


Link Sharing to quickly share the forms via social and digital channels.

Embed your forms directly within your website.

Source Code Export to download the HTML/CSS/JS/JSON code associated with your form, so that you can host the code on your own server.

QR Code to allow your physically present customers to have "contactless" access to your forms.

Social Share

Custom Thank You Page

Personalise your thank you page and continue engaging your responders upon form completion.


Display an inline message to show your appreciation to your submitter or to explain to them what's next.

Auto-redirect to send your responders to any URL you want.

Or build your own thank you page within Global Patron, for full access to features like conditional logic and field pre-population on your completion page.

Thank You Page

Rich Content

Make your forms more engaging for end-users by including rich content.


Video to visually portray rich content and emotionally connect with responders.

Maps to clearly display geographic locations - be it a local store, or large venue.

Quote to display phrases in a more appealing way.

Text Section to display lengthy text content.

Links to share URLs to other third-party webpages.

Rich Content Videos Rich Content Photos
Rich Content Forms

Customer Portal

Let your users securely login and view / print their past submissions.


Enterprise-Grade Login / Registration & Password Reset functionality built-in for your users.

Unlimited Portal Users, with unlimited authentications included.

User Portal

Private Logic

Define your own private logic, incorporating your own private reference data - all without writing a single line of code.


Inventory management with products automatically added or removed from stock lists.

Booking management for limited availability services.

Product Code registrations and activations.

Server-Side processing, so that your logic is not visible, and not tamperable by end users.

Private Logic