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Key Features Used

Drag and drop form builder
Conditional Logic

Challenge: Finding quality freelance bloggers with a reduced hiring cycle time & minimal expense

Everyone wants the best in the industry when it comes to hiring and so did They were on the search for quality freelance writers for guest blogging. So, as the norm, tried their luck by posting the opportunity across all the major job portals and social platforms. But then came the actual challenge.

They started receiving tons of resumes via email. Now, reviewing and segmenting through the myriad of resumes one by one is a task that was almost impossible. Even if there was the slightest possibility of getting through them all, it would consume a large chunk of precious time. needed a much easier way to smartly sort through the large volumes of resumes and pick the best of the lot. Well, that's when GlobalPatron came into play.

Solution: GlobalPatron Online Forms employed GlobalPatron's online forms for the purpose.

Here's what they did, without requiring any technical or programming knowledge from their end:

  1. They created a secure online form with the following custom fields:
    1. Years of experience
    2. Expected fee
    3. Link to personal website/blog if any
    4. Articles written in reputed publications if any
    5. Reference to previous works
    6. And of course the name, email and the applicants latest resume
  2. The job opportunity was posted across the free job portals and social channels with a link to the form. The job applications flowed into a structured database, tailored to their specific candidate filtering requirements, and henceforth sorting and filtering through responses has been a piece of cake!

Result: Effective Candidate Filtration

Yes, they still received an enormous number of applications, but this time shortlisting the best ones was a massively simpler process because the job applications were all sortable, filterable, searchable, and structured. was eventually able to finalize 20 bloggers that checked all their boxes from a whopping 720 job applications.

The intuitive dashboard of GlobalPatron helped them sort and filter the applicants based on the applicants overall expertise, the current size of their social media followings, and their expected remuneration.

A process that would have otherwise been complex and taken days or weeks to complete, was over within a fraction of that time. By adopting such a cost-effective process, was able to save both labour costs and an enormous chunk of time!

And what’s the final result? The numbers speak for themselves!

Time taken to create the custom job application form (with a drag and drop from builder) No. of candidates applied Time taken to filter and order the candidates Form completion rate (actual submissions vs form views) GlobalPatron Fee incurred for the whole hiring process
20 minutes 720 15 minutes 71% €11.96

Creating forms with custom searchable fields to rank and filter applications as rapidly as possible is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can do to hire more efficiently with our powerful business forms. Below are a few more things you can do with GlobalPatron when hiring:

Hire Efficiently With GlobalPatron

Conditional Logic To Pinpoint Ideal Candidates

Perform conditional changes on your forms in real-time based on a user's responses to other questions on the form. For example you could ask the applicants to select how strong they are in a particular skillset, and for those who claim an "Expert" rating ask a follow up question about whether they are willing to sit a technical examination to verify this claimed expert skill level. Applicants will be far less likely to overstate their actual knowledge as they are at risk of being found wanting if a hypothetical test were to be conducted.

conditional logic

Secure Save and Resume

Let your job applicants securely start from where they left off. Incomplete submissions can be auto-saved securely as a draft and can be resumed afterwards. Perfect for longer job applications where you don't want applicants worrying about "losing" their partly filled out application.

secure save and resume

Custom Design

Setup your job application forms to have the exact branding colours and styles that you want. Choose from a set of visually appealing preset themes, edit theme-level styles, or employ advanced style or layout customizations to meet your custom requirements without any coding.

custom form design

Enterprise-Grade Security

Build highly secure forms backed by our in-built platform security, and access an array of user-configurable security settings for all of your forms. You can set specific forms as requiring applicants to "log in" to restrict access to a specific pre-screened audience, perfect for "Round Two" applications or knowledge tests designed for shortlisted applicants who are being sent an invite-only form. You can also assign form collaborators with dedicated roles, protect your forms from SPAM bot submissions, and assign general password protections to forms too.

enterprise forms security

Data Destinations

Send or store your job applications wherever you choose to. Store the submissions in a secure online cloud database, send them to your own email inbox, forward them to a third party endpoint, or all of the above.

form data destinations

Quantity Limits

Reliably enforce quantity restrictions on your form submissions. Set limits on the number of times a form can be submitted, or the number of times a specific field-value can be submitted, or the number of times a logged in user is allowed to make a submission.

form quantity limits

Data and Reports

Search, explore, and export your collected data with ease. Find recent submissions with Quick Search and view submissions with sortable columns. Analyze data using visual graphs, filter data instantaneously with text search, and export your data to CSV/Excel format.

data and reports


For advanced analytics and reporting make the most of our Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager integration to get in-depth insights into user interactions, behaviours, and sources of traffic to your forms.

form analytics


Personalize your job applicants user experience. Make your users feel like the form was built just for them and that they are part of a conversation, with dynamic field pre-population, and answer piping. E.g. "Thanks [FirstName], what was your notice period at your current place of employment?".

form personalisation

Dynamically Populated Drop Lists

Load external data into your form's drop lists in real-time. Need company data dynamically loaded into drop lists on your form, with relationships between the drop lists automatically maintained? We’ve got you covered.

dynamic drop lists

Global Translate

Translate form submissions instantly into 30+ local languages. Directly target foreign speaking markets, without worrying about language barriers.

form submission translation

Calculated Fields

Automatically update the value of labels and fields based on calculations.

calculated fields

Easy Share

Share your forms through different channels and gather responses on the go. Share links across various social channels. Embed the forms on your own website, or download its source code to host the form on your own server.

share form

Custom Thank You Page

Customize your Thank You Page for the audience. Convey your appreciation through an inline message or redirect your respondent to a separate URL of your choosing (e.g. after the job application has been submitted, you can redirect the job applicants to a "What happens next" web page with details on what the applicants can expect to happen next. This alone will save you a ton of time having to reply to common questions)

custom thank you page

Rich Content

Make your forms far more engaging through unique content like embedded videos, maps, quotes, and much more. Use question types ranging from drop-downs and checkboxes to ratings and file uploads.

rich content

Standards Compliance

This platform was built from the ground up with security and ethics in mind. As part of this we also comply with industry best practices and policies, including GDPR, PCI, and OWASP standards.

security and privacy standards compliance

How Do I Create a Form?

Form creation is always easy with our best-in-class online form builder software in place.
Here's how you can create your own secure online forms effortlessly with GlobalPatron:


Sign Up

Sign up with GlobalPatron at (it's free to sign up)


Choose Your Form Type

Choose the form type of your choice; ranging from single-step to conversational forms


Add Fields

Decide what data you would like to collect, and drag fields onto the form using the drag and drop builder.



Further customize your form to your liking by selecting a theme, or define your own appearance, and define any special rules or settings that should apply to your form.



Share the form with your users by leveraging the multiple options offered by our form builder.



Now watch the data starting to flow into your forms! Analyse the responses of your users via the generated reports and graphs, or export the collected data for local use. If you have integrated your form with your Google Analytics account you can also view in-depth analysis of the behaviour of your form users.