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Get your hands on the world's most flexible online form builder.

Freedom to choose the best mode of user interaction for your specific scenario

Conversation Mode when you prefer to engage with your customers in the flow of a conversation.

Multi-step Mode when you need to efficiently collect a large amount of information from users.

Single-step Mode when you just need a straightforward form.

Offline Mode when you need to gather responses on the go, without an internet connection.

Landing Page Mode when you need to create custom thank you pages, or make your form act as a standalone web page.

Multi Step Form Preview Conversational Form Preview

Conversation Mode

Best suited to scenarios where user engagement is a priority, e.g. surveys, or lead generation.


User engagement increases when interacting with a conversational flow.

Perfect for combining with Answer Piping for a more personalised conversation experience.

Get more thoughtful responses by limiting the number of questions shown per slide.

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Multi-Step Mode

Best for scenarios where you need to efficiently collect larger quantities of data, e.g. application forms.


Group questions per step for a more logical separation of fields.

Make your large forms less daunting to users as they can see the flow of the entire application.

Prevent endless scrolling for your larger forms.

Numerous navigation modes and positions to choose from.

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Single-Step Mode

Best for scenarios where a small amount of data needs to be collected as quickly as possible. e.g. enquiry forms, or newsletter subscription forms.


User engagement increases when a small form is visible in its entirety.

Minimized clicks from form view through to form submission.

Most widely recognized form type in the industry.

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Offline Mode

When you need to collect data without an internet connection. Let your team reliably gather responses even when travelling or outside.


Full functionality and style is available offline. These aren't cut-down versions of your online forms - they're the full thing, accessible offline!

All form modes function on your offline mobile app, be they single-step, multi-step, or even conversational forms.

Kiosk Mode with password protection to prevent tampering of your device during trade shows, conferences, and events.

Auto-Sync your forms and submissions with the server whenever in an area with internet connectivity available.

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Powerful Custom Style Designer

Very detailed styling power at the theme level, and individual element level, without requiring CSS Code.


Detailed element level styling for forms that are truly unique

Device-specific styling so you can define conditional styling or sizing changes based on the users device type. E.g. reduce padding of a container for mobile devices specifically, and increase for desktop users.

Powerful transition styles for example making a field tilt, or zoom in, or transition into a new background colour when user cursor goes over it.

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