Seamless Embedding

White-Label embed our form builder platform under your own organisations branding, with freedom to define your own customizations around and within the form builder if you wish.

Use your own website domain

Optionally use your own HTML wrapper for custom navigation / headers / footers.

CSS and JS Overrides are permitted to override GlobalPatron default styles and behaviours.

Optionally call APIs on behalf of your customers and use your own code to render the data.

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Seamless Onboarding

From your users perspective there is no need for them to "register" or "login" to a separate platform

Add your customers as users of GlobalPatron via API calls.

Seamlessly authenticate your users on GlobalPatron without requiring them to login.

Authenticate your users via easy to use JWT Tokens, (or via your own enterprise identity provider if using GlobalPatron in an isolated / dedicated server setup).

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Custom Quotas

Define your own custom quotas for each of your customers, and re-sell as you wish.

Total forms quota per customer

Total monthly form submissions per customer

Total file storage quota per customer

Total datalists quota per customer

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Proactive Fraud Protection

By using the GlobalPatron White-Label form builder platform you can also enjoy the additional benefit of:

Our team proactively identifying abuse of the platform.

Proactive protection of your brand reputation.

Proactive protection of the wider community from harm.

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Boost Your Product Offering

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