Online Payment Collection

Easily accept payments online, with security and PCI compliance automatically included

Accept Both Local and International Payments

Securely receive payments from people anywhere in the world, with funds deposited directly into your local bank account, in your local currency.

Receive payments from anywhere in the world.

Charge customers in their native currency while receiving funds in yours. This is especially helpful if you have a global presence, as charging in a customer's native currency can increase sales.

135+ currencies supported.

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Sell Products Online

Easily allow clients to view and purchase your offerings online.

List as many products or services for sale as you wish.

Personalise your payment forms to make them more targeted and relevant to your clients. (e.g. "Hi [Client Name]")

Intelligently upsell or suggest additional relevant purchase options using conditional logic (zero coding knowledge required)

Display images for your products in either single image or gallery view.

Clients on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices are all automatically catered for and can use your payment forms regardless of the device they are using.

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Sell Recurring Subscriptions

Easily collect recurring payments from your clients.

Automatically charge clients on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

Allow multiple items to be selected by the client as part of a recurring subscription (e.g. $15/mth + $5/mth add-on = $20/mth).

Optionally allow clients to choose their own payment amount (e.g. in "Donation" or "Self-Service" scenarios).

Optionally set a cap on subscription lengths (e.g. automatically stop charging the client after 5 payments have been received).

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Setup Payments Collection Anywhere

Allow customers to reach and pay you in the most convenient way possible.

In your physical store - All of your payment forms automatically function on tablet devices and can process payments anywhere that there is an internet connection.

On your website - If you already have a website, you can embed your GlobalPatron payment forms inside of your own website to create a seamless experience for your customers who prefer to make purchases from home.

On the go - Each of your payment forms has its own unique QR code, perfect for when your customers are on the go, with a mobile phone (e.g. waiting in a queue)

Directly via email and social channels - Each of your payment forms also has its own secure direct link that you can share directly to your clients (via email, WhatsApp, etc). These payment links can also be personalised per user to pre-fill fields or customise the experience per user.

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The Universal Payment Collection Platform

The GlobalPatron platform allows you to collect payments in exactly the manner and style that best suits your scenario.

Customize as you wish - from single-step donation forms, to advanced calculator based payment forms as seen on large corporate SAAS platforms like

Choose the perfect user interface - Conversational (for personal sales) , Multi-step (for complex sales) , Single-step (for quick sales)

Choose the perfect payment mode - One-Time Payments , Recurring Payments , User Selected Payments

Choose the perfect payment amount - Fixed price , Calculated price , User Specified price

Define your own payment form styles - you have full control over the forms appearance, colours, font sizes, spacings, etc.

Define your own payment form fields - you have full control over what is displayed, and what information your payment form will collect (zero coding knowledge required).

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