Secure Online Forms

Build your own data collection forms with enterprise-grade security included

Online Data Collection

You know your organisation better than anyone else does. Build your own advanced data collection forms to streamline and automate your organisations processes - all with clicks, not code.

Collect payments for your organisation.

Capture leads for your organisation.

Administer surveys for your organisation.

Build advanced custom forms for your organisation.

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Password Protected Forms

To easily restrict access to a specific audience using a shared secret

Strictly server-side enforcement of form passwords, with zero form information leakage to browser prior to a valid password being supplied.

Can be optionally combined with login-protection for scenarios where user identities are required to be known at time of submission, but where access is granted to a large group of users by using a shared password.

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Spam Protected Forms

Effectively protect your forms from automated spam bot submissions.

Enable Spam Protection to ensure submissions are only able to be made by humans, not spam bots.

Silent Verification that is unnoticable/invisible for most users.

Form Collaborators

Securely work with a team

Fine-grained access controls to data and forms.

Grant data access to share collected data with collaborators, without necessarily granting access to forms themselves.

Grant offline data collection access for remote team members to be authorised to collect and post submissions from a mobile device.

Grant submission access to specific people, for login-protected forms.

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Login-Protected Forms

Create secure login-protected forms with enterprise-grade authentication.

Optionally enable login protection on forms to be 100% certain of the email identity of your form respondents.

Optionally restrict access to specific logged-in email addresses for sensitive data collection scenarios like "staff only" business process forms that must be limited to a specific pool of users who are known upfront.

Login / Logout functionality becomes instantly available for your end users when login-protection is enabled on a form. End users can login and verify their identity using either local or social (Microsoft / Google) login accounts.

Password reset functionality is included for self-service resolution of your users forgotten-password scenarios.

Email verification functionality is included to ensure ownership of supplied email usernames during initial sign in.

Password complexity enforcement for local logins.

Brute force prevention to protect against password guessing.

Automated IP lockout for botnet and hacker login attempts.

Credentials securely stored off-site in encrypted format.

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