Best Typeform Alternatives in 2023

By Riaz | May 9, 2023

Typeform is a well-loved platform, made famous by its unique "conversational" style of forms which are an especially effective way to collect data when the amount of data being collected is not huge, and when the emphasis is on user engagement (e.g. surveys, or lead generation). Over the years a number of other players have entered the market who provide similar functionality at a lower price, or who provide a wider feature-set.

In this article we will be strictly listing only the top competitors to Typeform who provide the same "conversational" forms functionality as part of their offerings. (i.e. we are not listing platforms like Google Forms which do not have that "conversational" functionality) We will also only be listing legitimate/long-term platforms that are likely to still be around 5 years from now.


Top 5 best Typeform alternatives of 2023

The price comparison table below summarizes the top 5 best Typeform alternatives. You might be surprised to see how much money you can save by switching to one of these reputable Typeform competitors!

Bear in mind that despite being cheaper, all of these listed competitors have their own unique set of features and strengths that even Typeform itself doesn't have. i.e. they are genuine value for money alternatives to Typeform.

In ascending order these are the top 5 most affordable Typeform alternatives available in the market that:

  • Provide the same "conversational" forms functionality that Typeform provides.
  • Come from reputable/stable platforms with comparable feature sets to what Typeform provides.

Monthly Cost

(Listed prices valid as at 05/05/2023, for plans providing at least 1,000 submissions per month, paid annually for maximum discounts)


The best overall Typeform alternative of 2023

Here are 6 reasons why is by far / hands-down the best Typeform alternative that currently exists in the market:

Massive Cost Savings
Monthly Cost
Cost Per Year
€ 5.56 hot
€ 66.72 hot
Universal Data Capture that Typeform simply can't match

The GlobalPatron platform allows you to collect data in "conversational" mode similar to Typeform, which is suited for scenarios where there's not a lot of data to collect, and the priority is user engagament (e.g. sales, or user feedback scenarios), GlobalPatron however has a Universal form builder, so that you can also create forms for all the other scenarios your business or organisation will encounter where conversational forms are simply not appropriate (e.g. where large amounts of data are required, or where a classic form is needed for high speed data capture). Typeform's "conversational" forms is just one type of form that GlobalPatron can produce.

Despite GlobalPatron being far more affordable than Typeform, GlobalPatron is also far more powerful than Typeform. See below for some examples of the type of forms you can build with GlobalPatron:

Multiple fields are allowed per slide

With Typeform you can only have one field per slide, with GlobalPatron however you can have multiple input fields or pieces of rich content - on the same slide! This provides a far better user experience for users, and gives you greater flexibility with your "conversational" forms. E.g. below we have a conditional question that appears on the same slide:

Offline Typeforms already exists (

Truly offline data collection is supported with the GlobalPatron platform. Using our App from the Google Play store you can collect data completely offline, and automatically sync with the server once your phone or tablet is in an internet available area.

This offline functionality exists for all form types, including "conversational" forms. E.g. see below both a multi-step, as well as a conversational form example functioning in offline mode on an android phone:

More secure forms

Password-Protected forms created on GlobalPatron have true password-protection. Unlike Typeforms password-protected forms which can be bypassed by technical users, GlobalPatron's password-protected forms perform secure server-side checks, and form passwords are never disclosed to the browser, or by-passable by technical users.

Login-Protection is also supported for your forms on the GlobalPatron platform. You can configure a form to only be accessible to people who are logged in (in order to verify the identity of your form submitters), you are also able to restrict access to your form to specific email addresses for scenarios where only certain people should have access to submit your form.

Enterprise forms authentication
More styling power

GlobalPatron allows for Device-specific styling so you can define conditional styling or sizing changes based on the users device type. E.g. reduce padding of a container for mobile devices specifically, and increase for desktop users. All without writing a single line of CSS code.

GlobalPatron also allows you to setup powerful transition styles on elements. For example making a field tilt, or zoom in, or transition into a new background colour when user cursor goes over it.

Feel free to try out our universal form builder, to build and customize any type of form you wish.

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